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The close interaction between customer, supplier and distributor already in the pre-development phase of a product leads to fast development times, an optimization of the “time-to-market” factor, high quality and ultimately to the best product for the customer. The example of the cooperation between the system supplier Holitech and the Italian distributor GSR Technology shows that this also works across borders.

Holitech is a leading manufacturer and solution provider for machine-human interface solutions with a focus on displays for Europe and America. The focus products include mono displays, TFTs, e-paper, touch solutions, compact camera modules, fingerprint detection modules and wireless charging modules. In the area of HINK e-paper display units, Holitech has a strategic partnership with E-ink® and is therefore able to offer its customers the most modern technologies. Holitech Europe is a subsidiary of Holitech Technology CO., LTD based in China and the exclusive sales and support channel for customers in Europe.

Holitech manufactures many materials such as FPC, cover glasses, sensors, etc. "in house" and is therefore able to offer its products in a customer-specific and cost-optimized manner. “We have established ourselves on the market as an innovative system supplier. We can convince with price, quality, flexible delivery times and innovative products ”, says Thomas de Laar, Managing Director at Holitech Europe GmbH. "Close cooperation with strategic partners such as GSR Technology in Italy is extremely important in order to develop the best possible solution for the customer."

Together with the Italian distributor GSR Technology, the complete central operating unit including display with capacitive touch and cover glass as well as the control unit was developed for a well-known Italian manufacturer of coffee machines. The challenges were the special design of the display, which was done in close cooperation with GSR and the customer. The customer expressly welcomed the close interaction between the manufacturer, the distributor as integrator and technical consultant and his own development department, in order to achieve the best possible result, especially during the design phase, in uncomplicated contact with fast response times. Holitech can draw on its experience from many projects and contribute to the success of the project.

“The product portfolio of mono displays, e-paper and smaller TFTs with or without touch meets the requirements of many customers in the Italian market,” says Franceso Braga, Executive Chairman of GSR Technology. “This has resulted in a close cooperation between GSR as a distributor in Italy and Holitech as a system supplier. This cooperation has existed for more than 10 years, even before Holitech opened its Central European office in Germany, ”continues Braga.

“Every development is a new challenge. It is fun to develop and implement ideas together with the distributor and the customer and finally to see products on the European market in which Holitech was largely involved. We have only recently entered the European market. But we're growing steadily. Communication is extremely important here. I can bring the customer together with the development engineer at headquarters in a very short time to discuss design details. In the current situation in particular, the online tools are used even more intensively. That helps immensely with regard to the transfer of know-how and to extremely shorten the “time-to-market” factor, ”continues de Laar.

Holitech always manages projects together with the respective partners such as GSR Technology. It starts with the RFQ and goes through the technical support in the design phase to the delivery and specific logistics concepts. In the event of complaints in series production, too, close links between the partners in the supply chain are essential. Close cooperation and good communication are the most important basis.

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