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Wireless charging solutions from Holitech

Holitech Europe GmbH offers wireless charging solutions for various target applications. The very thin receiver ILCC… Read more

Special wireless charging solutions from Holitech

Holitech offers special wireless charging solutions. A portable power bank with wireless charging is available at 5V @… Read more

Relaunch of the Holitech Europe homepage

Holitech Europe GmbH has completely revised its website at In addition to a new and clear… Read more

Active Matrix ePaper specially for digital shelf labels

The Active Matrix ePaper display (AMEPD) HINK-E102A04 was specially developed for use as digital shelf labels. The 10.2… Read more

Leading provider of camera modules

Holitech Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of camera modules for the areas of security, medicine,… Read more

TFTs for all common image and video formats

Holitech's wide screen TFTs are available in 19, inch (1,920 x 360), 23.1 inch (1,920 x 720), 35 inch (1,920 x 350) and… Read more

Fingerprint modules from Holitech

Holitech Technology Co., Ltd. offers capacitive fingerprint identification modules in different versions. The modules… Read more

HINK-E312A01 of E-Ink® technology

The 31.2″ display module HINK-E312A01 of E-Ink® technology with active matrix TFT substrate is available from Holitech… Read more

Compact camera modules (CCM)

Holitech Europe is offering a wide range of compact camera modules (CCM) targeting non-mobile applications. We offer… Read more

Support worldwide

Holitech has a professional oversea team to support all our customers worldwide. We had a successful Global Sales… Read more

Wide range of fingerprint identification modules

Holitech is offering a wide range of fingerprint identification modules supporting various surface treatment… Read more

Holitech Europe at the embedded world 2018

Holitech Europe presented itself for the first time with its own booth on embedded world in Nürnberg, and after three… Read more

Holitech Europe at the IAA 2017

With more than 800,000 visitors and around 1,100 exhibitors in 2017, the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt is… Read more

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